Gol Kuh is the first and oldest brand of Pavij Company. This group of products includes herbal soaps produced in Iran which has been supplied to the market since the foundation up until the present, preserving the primary quality.

Gol Cito is the most popular and well-known brand of Pavij Company. Gol Cito product group includes herbal soaps and mild soaps. The unique characteristic of these products is the use of completely natural and herbal effective material in these products which responds to all types of skin needs.


Citoderm is the latest and most specialized brand of Pavij Company which is provided to the market under title of “Citoderm 3 Plus”. Medical and herbal effective material used in the group of products responds to all medical and treatment needs.

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Central office

Telephone: +9821-88090855
Fax: +9821-88083403
No. 25, Tohid 2 St., Khovrdin Boulvar., Sanat Sq., Shahrak Gharb, Tehran



Telephone: +9828-32232104
Fax: +9828-32232104
Pavij Pharmaceutical ,Cosmetics and Hygienic  laboratory, Hekmat 8, Alborz Industrial City, Qazvin


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Pavij factories have entered the market of health products for over 30 years with a novel approach, and considering high quality of products in comparison with other producers, it has obtained a special honorable place in the minds of customers and consumers. Due to this high quality of products, Pavij Company did not require extensive advertisement and the consumers themselves are the main promoters of Pavij products. Our applicable extracts and aromas are purchased from England, France, Germany and Japan.

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