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Pavij Company with more than 30 years of experience is in a way the first manufacturer of entirely herbal soaps with pharmaceutical applications and has been able to obtain a good share of the market’s pharmaceutical soaps. By faith in God Almighty, and by reliance on knowledge of technologists, researchers and efforts of each of our dear individuals in Pavij Company, we hope to manufacture a wide range of products in order to send to the market of herbal soaps, pharmaceutical soaps and mild soaps.

Pavij Cosmetic and Health Laboratories Company was established in year 1984. This company has been active with its scientific, engineering and executive support as well as using experienced and specialized team as one of the pioneering companies in the following fields:

Research, design and production, sales and distribution of pharmaceutical, cosmetic, health and herbal products upon which the company, by its commitment to fulfill needs and expectations of customers, has established quality management system based on standards ISO9001:2008 and ISO22716:2007 and therefore undertakes to preserve, continue and develop them.

In this regard, we take the following approaches as guidelines in our affairs:

•  Raising satisfaction levels of customers and beneficiaries

•  Preserving human values and respecting consumers by procuring raw materials from best and most credible resources in the world, and manufacturing products with qualities adaptable with latest and most credible standards of the world

•  Preservation and development of existing markets and entering new marketplaces

•  Raising levels of awareness and creativity, quality culture, cooperation and employee satisfaction

•  Continuous improvement of efficacy of the organization’s processes and reliance on the world’s latest technologies

•  Improvement, innovation and triumphs for excellence in providing services and product manufacture

•  Raising levels of standardization and adaptation with national laws and international requirements

•  Development of partnership management system and reinforcing faith in team-work

By full understanding and belief in the above policy and its periodical revision, I fully support this measure in the direction of “utilization and standardization”, and it is expected of all dear coworkers to put best efforts in establishment, preservation and improvement of this action, in addition to cooperation, contemplation and assistance.


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